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Who is this site for?

This site is for anyone working in the field of user research, user design, conversion rate optimisation, analytics, product management, user experience (UX) or marketing.

What will you find?

You’ll find ways to shaft the customer. The goal is to squeeze every penny, order, lead, sign up, download (or whatever your KPI might be) out them as possible.

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When research leads to an experiment and the variant from the research doesn't win, no one ever questions the research. I hope for my sake no one notices this flaw in experiment design.

There's something really creepy about the research field. We like to sit and watch you use your devices, sometimes from a camera.

I think the characteristics of a terrible partner make for an excellent analyst:

Emotionally disconnected (from data)
Not trusting (of data)
Always jealous (of other people's data)
Never happy (with own data)
Unappreciative (of data)
Always blaming (data)
Too intense (over data)

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